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PA Services Offered


Promotion. (On Facebook and Twitter)


AMS Keyword Gathering. (Top 100 books in your genre, authors like your genres ect ect.)


Newsletter Management. (Placing links in your newsletter. Scheduling them to go out. If you write the post I will even paste it in for you.)


Newsletter swap gathering. (swapping with other authors for NL features) I am now familiar with Bookclicker, Story Origin and Bookfunnel Promos. Happy to book you swaps and or promotions through those sites!

Twitter management.

Filling Buffer, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite ect ect.

I highly rec the newer website Publer. It has a full calendar and is starting to help with Instagram too.



Author website updating. (Adding covers and blurbs and links to your websites) I am familiar with: Square, Weebly, Wix, Wordpress.

Facebook Page and Group Management. (Posting on your page and in your ST to try to engage with the people there)


ARC management. (I do NOT gather you new reviewers, or build your Newsletter subs. But if you already have an ARC team and you need me to poke them for their reviews, or send them the files. I can do this.)

Ad booking to sites such as Bookrebel, Unearthly Ever After. Bargain Booksy, Book Gorilla, Robin Reads.

Other things, You can ask me anytime to add any of this to your tasks for the month. And if you don't see a service here you can ask me and see if I've done it or have interest in doing it.

I charge $155 for 10 hours of PA work, that is my smallest package. If you would like to grab more hours it is $15 an hour.

Newly updated June 2022

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